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FL – GUN CONTROL – Lauren Book and Dan Daley seek to vet sale, transfer of ammunition

Democratic lawmakers (FLA) are putting forward a flurry of proposals to beef up gun regulation in the upcoming Legislative Session. Now, Sen. Lauren Book and Rep. Dan Daley are looking to restrict the sale of ammunition as well. A pair of bills from the South Florida Democrats (SB 460, HB 289) would require a background check for the purchase of ammunition from a licensed manufacturer or dealer. The measure would also block the transfer of ammunition, save for some exceptions. The lawmakers are dubbing the measure “Jamie’s Law” after Jamie Guttenberg, who was one of the 17 people killed during the 2018 attack on Stoneman Douglas High School. “Background check laws are one of the few gun control measures almost universally supported across both sides of the aisle,” Book said in a statement on the legislation. “Jaime’s Law is a common sense solution to ensure those who are already legally prohibited from purchasing firearms are unable to purchase ammunition to fill those firearms.”  [full article]

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