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FL – GUN SHOWS – Florida Gun Show packs the Civic Center

The number of events that have occurred at the Lee Civic Center since March can be counted on one hand. Aside from a funeral for a local firefighter, almost nothing has occurred inside the cavernous facility. Except one. In June, Florida Gun Shows was one of the first trade shows in the state to reopen after having to shut down for several months due to the pandemic, with one of its first shows at the Lee Civic Center. It was so successful that one vendor said if anybody wanted to speak with him just to chat, he probably wouldn’t have had the moment. Record crowds, from people sick and tired of being cooped up in the house, and record sales was the result. This past weekend, Florida Gun Shows returned, and produced a weekend that nearly replicated the one in June. The fact it was cool and rainy much of the weekend turned out to be a positive as it gave people something to do so, again, they wouldn’t be cooped up in the house. There were, of course, guns of all makes and models, from hand guns and semi-automatic rifles to everything in between, ammo to load them with, cases, holsters and bags to carry them in, sights to help them aim, and the list goes on. If guns weren’t your thing, there were knives, tasers, clothing, and even gun-related toys for the kids. Brenda Kruse, of Tampa, was selling small die-cast metal AR-15 models for children to assemble and disassemble.  [full article]

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