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FL – GUN SHOWS – Gun show goes on as planned despite COVID-19 (VIDEO)

The West Palm Beach Gun and Knife Show is being held at the South Florida Fairgrounds this weekend, August 8 and 9. Some may wonder if having a large event is appropriate, given the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill Page, owner of Sport Show Specialists, the promoter of the gun show says they will be taking everyone’s temperature at the door and if someone has a temperature over 100.4 they will not be allowed inside. He says they have ordered 6000 masks and everyone who attends and the vendors will be required to wear a mask. Aisles will be 10 feet wide, so that people will have room to maintain social distance. They are only allowing 1500 people inside the gun show at a time, including vendors. Page says that is 25% capacity. He also says only 325 vendor tables will be allowed. He says during prior gun shows at the South Florida Fairgrounds, they have had 550 tables. He says he’s having to turn vendors away because so many want to come here and sell guns. Palm Beach County Commissioner Robert Weinroth says he feels it’s okay to have the Gun and Knife Show as long as the people at the event adhere to social distancing and everyone is required to wear a mask, to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. “We feel very confident regardless of whether it’s a gun show, a reptile show or what have you, it will be executed in a very safe manner,” said David Kerner, Palm Beach County Mayor. “We will have the COVID education and compliance team out there. We learn a lot every time we send the team out, so does the vendor. And we’ll make sure that it’s safe. If it’s not we’ll shut it down,” Kerner said.  [full article]

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