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FL – HUNTING – Eight ‘Must Know’ Hunting Details About Florida’s Wildlife Management Area System

If you have hunted a wildlife management area or are planning to, the following information can help you make the most of Florida’s public hunting areas, understand how these hunting opportunities are managed, and contribute to the process of developing hunting-related rules for WMAs. The majority of Florida’s 6-million-acre WMA system is managed or owned by government agencies or private landowners the FWC has partnered with. The FWC is the lead manager or landowner for 1.46 million acres and works with cooperators to allow hunting and other outdoor recreation on another 4.54 million acres. WMAs are managed for conservation and recreation and provide a diversity of habitats managed for wildlife. There are over 184 areas across the state in the WMA system, from Perdido River WMA in northwest Florida to Southern Glades WEA in the south region and all points in between. These areas are managed to conserve a variety of wildlife species and provide outdoor recreation opportunities. Certainly, hunting is a mainstay on Florida’s WMA system and offered in the vast majority of areas. These public areas also provide opportunities for fishing, wildlife viewing, paddling, hiking, horseback riding, and bicycling. Some areas even offer shooting range facilities and camping.

A variety of hunting opportunities are offered at WMAs. Hunters can choose from quota hunts, special-opportunity hunts, and public hunting areas where a quota permit is not required to hunt.  [full article]

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