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FL – LE – Dangerously Incompetent Scott Israel Defeated in Bid for Reelection as Broward County Sheriff

FROM THE TRUTH ABOUT GUNS: One of the nation’s worst law enforcement officers, former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, has lost his bid to regain his old job. Lacking any sense of responsibility or shame for his abysmal performance or being fired for his poor management and his department’s general level of incompetence, Israel had challenged current Sheriff Gregory Tony in attempt to regain his former position. It was Israel’s department that utterly bungled the response to the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in February of 2018, in which 17 teachers and students were murdered. It’s not a stretch at all to conclude that the many BCSO failures resulted in more dead and wounded that day. Following a state commission’s scathing review of the his department’s actions, then newly elected Governor Ron DeSantis fired Israel in January of last year. The good news tonight is that Israel’s effort to regain his job as sheriff has failed. From local10.com: Sheriff Gregory Tony, Gov. Ron DeSantis’ appointee, has been declared the winner in the Primary race for Broward County Sheriff over former sheriff Scott Israel. As of 9:30 p.m. with 98 percent precincts reporting (567 out of 577), Tony claimed victory in a statement with Israel trailing at that time by a little over 4,000 votes. In the heavily Democratic county, the primary, for all intents and purposes, decides who will be the next sheriff.  [full article]

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