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ATHENA Precision Chassis Tactical Rifle -Tier 1 Premier – Light Caliber System 5.56

The New US PATENTED Drake ATHENA Semiautomatic Chassis Rifle – TIER 1 PREMIER – features a Drake high-performance Satern Rifle Cut match barrel. This rifle is high performance competition ready. Yielding Sub 1/2 MOA Results. Like our Standard System, this precision rifle was designed as a high-performance alternative to the military’s M12 or Mk11/M110 program(s), with a similar mission profile that features high-performance options at an affordable price. The ability of the Drake Athena Semiautomatic Chassis Rifle to quickly adjust the ergonomics for the individual shooter without having to use tools further personalizes the high-end bolt action rifle. Available in Light Caliber and Heavy Caliber systems. Drake recommends the 18? Heavy Barrel for your system as this was the barrel system that was used to validate the ATHENA platform to 1062 yards and make documented SUB MOA performance qualifications. Drake feels that this is the most versatile version of this weapon system. [full article]

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