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FL – OPINION – Editorial: Guns work as tools, not as causes

Gun control will again be a point of contention for state lawmakers in 2020, as at least a dozen bills affecting ownership of firearms have been filed so far in the both the Florida House of Representatives and the state Senate. They include measures to require background checks to buy ammunition — even though under existing laws a person who cannot buy a gun is already prohibited from purchasing ammo; mandatory mental health screenings to purchase a gun; repealing laws that grant exclusive authority to regulate guns to the Legislature; and expanding places where guns may be carried, including on college campuses and into the chambers of governing board meetings, by elected officials with concealed-carry permits. Perhaps most prominent among such measures, however, is a proposed constitutional amendment that voters may decide in November 2020. That proposal would ban the sale of “assault” rifles in Florida. Last week media reports indicated the proposed amendment had met the petition threshold to go before the state Supreme Court in February for a final review. Ban Assault Weapons NOW!, the group advocating for the amendment, has gathered more than 112,000 signatures so far, including almost 4,400 from Polk County. Advocates must obtain 766,200 to get on the ballot, if the Supreme Court endorses the language.  [full article]

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