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FL – RETAILERS – Gun sales continue to rise across South Florida

Guns and Range Training Center in West Palm Beach is seeing a boom in business as buyers flock to the shooting range looking to buy arms and ammo. Mike Shkop, the owner of the center says the rise in sales nearly doubled since the start of the pandemic. “It is the wave of a first-time buyer,” said Shkop. “So most of the people have never shot a gun so most of the people it is not a hobby they are just looking for protection.” In Florida, background checks for gun sales continue to exceed previous years and according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, more than 1.5 million background checks have been conducted as of Dec 28th. Shkop added, “it is not the election. Usually, it is election driven. This time around it was more pandemic driven, so personal safety.” He explains to CBS12 news that residents in South Florida realize there is only so much local law enforcement can do to protect themselves and their neighbors and tells us the most popular item in his store are handguns. The owner of the shop says he has been working here for seven years and while elections usually push a wave of new buyers his way, this year he has seen a steady increase in sales since March. With inauguration day around the corner and a new presidential candidate ready to take office, the fear of losing the right to carry is something owner Shkop worries about. “If they start taking our liberties one by one then we will be like Cuba,” said Shkop. “I hope people understand that violence comes through within the human being.”  [full article]

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