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FL – RETAILERS – New indoor shooting range in Crystal River being planned

Chad Damron said he took a few years off after leaving the Crystal River auto parts store in 2016 that had been founded by his father. He spent those years duck hunting mostly and it was then he got the idea to turn his passion for hunting into a full-fledged business: opening a gun shop. Thus was born Mallards Shooting Supply & Apparel at 7928 State Road 44 in Crystal River, which opened to steady business earlier this month. It pretty much sells what you’d expect in such a store: guns, ammo and other hunting supplies. But Damron, 47, wanted something more than a standard gun shop: he wanted to open his own firing range and he wanted it indoors, where folks could shoot in the comfort of air-conditioning. He also wanted the range to appeal to all income levels: high-end amenities for those who can afford it and opportunities for the occasional shooter to come in and relax and fire off some shots. He will move the contents of his current, smaller store lock stock and barrel into a new 65,000-square-foot facility, which will contain more than 12,000 square feet of retail space, allowing for an expanded line of clothes and an even bigger assortment of supplies. The showpiece of the new Mallards will be a 100-yard indoor shooting range. There will be 15-, 25- and 100-yard lanes for people to shoot. But this won’t be a place where anyone can come in, pick up a gun and start shooting. Damron said there are plenty of those kinds of ranges out there, but he didn’t want it for his place. Once completed, Mallards will have training classrooms where people will be taught about safety and concealed weapons.  [full article]

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