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FL – RETAILERS – Powell Proposes Firearms Retailer Code of Conduct Act

The ongoing debate on gun regulation has recently had another turn. Rep. Debbie Powell, D- Fla., is working to pass new legislation entitled the Firearms Retailer Code of Conduct Act. Powell’s bill aims to deter guns from ending up in the wrong hands. The Firearms Retailer Code of Conduct Act, if passed, will highlight certain business applications and certificates that firearm dealers must adhere to. Powell’s act would mandate firearm dealers and staff to continuously renew their training. These employees would have to complete the training every two years. The training works on developing dealers’ skills to recognize gun sales that should not be occurring, whether for fraud or legal purposes. The legislation bans firearm dealers and staff from selling guns to certain individuals, including those with the intent of trafficking and those under the influence. Legislators hope to protect a wide span of individuals by banning those who may injure others from purchasing a firearm. Beyond restricting particular individuals from purchasing firearms, the Firearms Retailer Code of Conduct Act requires the implementation of notices. The notices would clarify several of the leading attestations that a sale may be illegal or an act of fraud. Furthermore, the notices would also include how to notify authorities of a possible criminal sale. Powell’s legislation would make insurance a necessity for firearm dealers with federal licenses for both liability and the business. For a gun dealer to legally operate they must carry this insurance. Powell believes the legislation would aid in reducing gun violence. The Brady United Group, who has been working directly with Powell toward passing the legislature, notes that “…guns do not just simply appear in impacted communities – they first begin as legal firearms, sold by licensed gun dealers that are then funneled into the illegal market.” Powell hopes national regulations will prevent criminals from obtaining firearms.  [full article]

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