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FL – SELF-PROTECTION – Video shows Florida store owner shoot an AK47 at an angry customer. Was it self-defense?

An angry man barged into the Kwik Pic convenience store in Lauderhill, left it in a huff and threw a garbage can at the front door, scattering trash on the floor. Then, he drove in circles outside the market and hurled a bottle at employees standing in the doorway. The response: Store owner Saf Ahmad, 30, stormed out of the store and fired a hail of bullets from an AK47 — all caught on dramatic surveillance video. So was it self-defense? A Broward circuit judge will soon decide if Ahmad was justified in shooting at Jason Morris, who was hit in the back and suffered a “permanent disability.” Police detectives say Morris was unarmed and and “appeared to be no immediate threat to Saf Ahmad nor his employees who were standing in the in the doorway of the business.” But Ahmad’s lawyers say Morris believed the bottle was a “possible grenade or similar device” and thought Morris had grabbed a gun in an “attempt to then fire at him.” Ahmad is seeking immunity under Florida’s controversial Stand Your Ground law, which eliminated a citizen’s duty to retreat before using deadly force. Critics have long complained that the law, backed by the politically powerful National Rifle Association, encourages vigilante justice and gives criminal an easy way to beat allegations of violence.  [full article]

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