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FL – TRAINING – Florida bill would require gun owners to get safety training when renewing concealed carry license

A new bill requiring more training to carry concealed weapons in Florida isn’t getting support from those who stand to benefit: The instructors. Charlie Strickland has trained thousands over the 10 years he’s been in business at Talon Range in Tallahassee. Florida House Bill 809 could boost those numbers. If passed, gun owners would need safety training each time they renew a conceal carry permit, and they’d need to renew it every five years instead of seven. “I should be jumping up and down for joy, thinking we’re going to make a lot of money on this,” Strickland said. “We don’t think that.” While Strickland said passage would likely mean more business, he’s opposed. He’s worried the bill would further erode second amendment rights. Though he appreciates regular training, he said it should be a person’s choice, not a requirement. “I don’t believe in this legislation any more than I think you should have an IQ test to vote, or you should have to have an ethics class to exercise your freedom of speech,” Strickland said. “A constitutional right is a constitutional right.”  [full article]

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