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GA – COURTS – Grand jury indicts hunter in teen’s shooting death

A Glynn County grand jury ruled Hector Romero-Hernandez violated numerous hunting and gun safety laws when he fired into nearby brush in September 2019, fatally mistaking his teenaged hunting companion for a deer. The grand jury on Wednesday indicted Romero-Hernandez with eight counts of criminal misconduct in the Sept. 28, 2019 hunting mishap in western Glynn County that left 17-year-old Bobby Lee Lane dead of a gunshot wound. Jurors contend Romero-Hernandez was high on methamphetamine. He also is accused of hunting without a license and using a rifle during bow season when he shot haphazardly into distance brush where he thought he saw a deer. Romero-Hernandez instead shot Lane with a .22-225 caliber bullet at around 7:15 p.m. Romero-Hernandez and a third member of the ill-fated hunting party drove Lane from the woods near Myers Hill Road to a nearby convenience store. Paramedics transported Lane to Southeast Georgia Health System’s Brunswick hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The grand jury indicted Romero-Hernandez, 33, on one count each of misuse of hunting equipment while hunting, involuntary manslaughter, hunting under the influence of drugs, hunting with an unlawful weapon, hunting without a license, hunting without a big game stamp, hunting without the landowners’s permission, and hunting out of season.  [full article]

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