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GA – GUN SAFETY – Sen. Perdue proposes school safety bill for ‘better school design’

It’s a reality many parents wish wasn’t real – how to keep our kids safe from gun violence in school. Georgia Sen. David Perdue says better school design may be one of the first lines of defense. Perdue says redesigning schools is an essential first step to keeping kids safe from gun violence. Perdue says he is co-sponsoring the bipartisan ‘School Safety Clearinghouse Act,’ which would direct the Department of Homeland Security to build and maintain a national clearinghouse containing all the best practices and developments in school design. Writing an editorial in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, he writes the act would help schools find school design advancements they need to protect their students and faculty. Perdue says some of those advancements include state-of-the-art surveillance systems or new mobile apps, and emergency strategies. He says the act will have zero government mandates and advocate no political policies. Instead, he says it will be more like a library that state and local officials can use to access the best practices when redesigning schools. Perdue says these innovations in school design will empower parents, teachers, and administrators to implement the school safety techniques that work best for their communities. The senator says after years of tragic incidents, little has been done to make school design safer, but says the school safety clearinghouse act will help make that change possible so that we can better protect all children. Perdue says school design is not the only solution to making schools safer. He also says there must be better ways to enforce existing laws and keep guns out of the wrong hands.  [full article]

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