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GA – HOME DEFENSE – Homeowner walks into his house, discovers daytime burglary in progress. But he has a gun — and the suspect doesn’t make it out alive.

A Georgia homeowner walked into his Brookhaven home around noon Wednesday when police said he discovered a burglar. But this particular homeowner has a gun — and fatally shot the suspect, police said. A neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, told WSB that she heard shots from two guns, but police told the station they haven’t confirmed if the burglar had a weapon. And while the neighbor told WSB the shooting is unusual for the neighborhood, as a gun owner herself she’s sympathetic toward the homeowner who opened fire.

“If someone is in your home, I know the law on that — and yeah, you do have a right,” the woman told the station. Police added to WSB that the homeowner has a right to defend himself. “He’s not identified as a suspect,” Deputy Chief Brandon Gurley told the station. “But as this investigation moves forward, we’ll have to see where the facts lead us.”  [full article]


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