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GA – HUNTING – Keys to staying safe during Georgia’s deer hunting season (VIDEO)

Primitive weapons deer hunting season begins Oct. 12. A week later, firearm weapons deer season begins on Oct. 19. As people start prepping for the season, it’s important hunters are cautious before pulling the trigger. “Getting training is very, very important,” Hamp Dowling with Eagle Gun Range said. “If you haven’t had training and just go somewhere and you buy a gun and you go to the woods with a gun you’ve never shot before, you’re going to hurt somebody or something that doesn’t need to be hurt.” Last week, a 17-year-old Georgia male was mistaken for a deer and killed while out hunting with his friends. Contrary to popular belief, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources says hunting without the proper attire is the most common infraction. Dowling has been around guns long enough to know orange vests saves lives. “If they don’t have one of these — if you think you’re going to take it off when you are out there walking through the woods — you’re going to become an object for a bullet to hit,” he said.  [full article]

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