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GA – HUNTING – Most deer hunting incidents involve deer stands, not guns (VIDEO)

Georgia’s Firearms deer hunting season starts Saturday, October 19, and Department of Natural Resources (DNR) game wardens want you to remember some key safety tips for when you hit the woods. Game Warden Eric White with the Georgia DNR said you may be surprised what causes a majority of incidents that happen to people while hunting. “80% of our hunting incidents are a result of something associated with a deer stand, usually from falling out of a deer stand,” White explained. So, how can you prevent this kind of injury? White gave us these tips: – Don’t climb too high up in a tree. – Know your limitations. If you don’t feel safe or if you think a tree is too small to climb, don’t climb it. – Wear a body harness or a fall arrest system. He said those could save your life, if you fall asleep or happen to slip. White said that most tree stands you buy now come with them. [view source]

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