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GA – INDUSTRY INSIDER – Blockchains could revolutionize the use of firearms

A firearms company out of the U.S. state of Georgia hopes to turn the industry on its head. It isn’t manufacturing a new type of weapon or bullet, but, instead, a “black box” for guns. The device is able to capture all visual, audio and other data and store it on the blockchain. Justifire is hoping to make firearm use safer and to make firearm owners more accountable. The company has been issued a patent for its device, a 3”x3”x1.5” firearm attachment that will record and send data directly to the blockchain. The patent further alludes to the possibility of data tokenization, stating, “Nodes of the blockchain network may include client devices, servers, and firearm environmental recording apparatuses, and tokens of a cryptocurrency may be provided to nodes for performing data transactions in the blockchain database.” The current device incorporates two mounted SD cards that are used to store encrypted data. Justifire founder and CEO Jason Palazzo asserts that bringing blockchain technology into the solution will give better integrity and provide better legal grounds in the event a particular incident has to be defended in court.  [full article]

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