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SHOT Preview: GAMO 10X Technology SWARM MAXIM

GAMO 10X Technology first appeared in the industry changing Swarm Maxxim back in 2017, the first breakbarrel air rifle featuring a 10-shot magazine that allows users to shoot 10 shots as fast as they can break the barrel. GAMO now introduces the Swarm Maxxim GEN2, available with a more consistent horizontal magazine alignment and open, fiber optic sights. Second Generation Swarm technology appeared in 2019 in the Swarm Fusion GEN2. For 2020 it is available in the original multi-shot breakbarrel, the Swarm Maxxim. The Swarm Maxxim GEN2 is available in .177 and .22 calibers, and features new horizontal magazine alignment that feeds the pellet into the barrel the exact same way each time for more-consistent accuracy and the addition of open, fiber optic sights. It also features a convenient extra magazine storage compartment in the stock. The new Gamo Swarm Maxxim GEN2 is the most-advanced, fastest-shooting multi-shot breakbarrel you can buy for less than $200. A perfect air rifle for small game hunting, backyard target shooting and pest control, the Swarm Maxxim GEN2 is available through www.gamousa.com and other airgun outlets.

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