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As they keep on giving, Democrats’ headaches abandon relief

Bob Rogers

An impassionate observer must wonder why, at nearly the speed of sound, congressional Democrats keep missing not just strategies but targets as they pursue their anti-Trump war. What began at the dawn of this month was a full fledged assault on establishing gun control as the “Number one priority of this Congress.” From appearances 30 days ago it looked like they might have unearthed a small chink in President Trump’s – and the NRA’s – armor. “Within days,” Trump added when asked by inveterate reporters, “we could have a bipartisan agreement on gun control.” Pro-gun activists were nearly knocked off their bipods when they heard Trump’s response to his meetings with Nancy Pelosi about universal background checks.

Obviously, Trump was not anxious to delve too deeply into that subject and signs that he was leaning toward a scratch instead of a wound on so-called universal background checks suddenly went dark after an anonymous “whistleblower” emerged with news that the Trump 2020 campaign asked Ukraine government officials to check out some tidbits of information about the Joe Biden family Trust. That gave launch to the latest opportunity to impeach Donald Trump. That also – in addition to Beto O’Rourke’s dumb strategy about getting rid of all ARs and AKs – shoved background checks off the table as the Democrats’ priority number one. The gift thereby given to gun owners became just another empty beer can tossed onto the heap of Democratic political history. Will the background check issue ever return?  Yes, it will.  But in so doing the thrill of potential victory will likely feel like the agony of defeat as more spaces like this one continue to bring to the attention of all Americans – not just gun owners – the desperation albeit temporary of just another Democratic headache still waiting for relief.

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