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Goose Hunting VIDEOS

Snowy Canada Goose Hunt over the Dive Bomb Industries V2 CANADA Silhouette Decoys, 1:31 min.

Awesome video put together by the guys at Redwater Productions showing the effectiveness of our V2 Canada Goose Silhouettes on those highly pressured, late-season honkers!

Snowstorm Goose Hunting! Canada Goose Hunt in Wyoming, 2:02 min.

Waterfowl hunters live for the thrill of hundreds of wing beats overhead. Sunshine or snow, die-hard wingmen wait shotguns ready for the next flight of geese leaving the river.

Snow goose hunting without the snow, 3:15 min.

When the sky is full of snowgeese you may need a battle helmet.

Hunters get green light to kill geese in local park, 2:52 min.

They are beautiful birds but they leave behind quite a mess and can be aggressive in some local Kentucky neighborhoods.

AMAZING!!! Man catches Canadian Goose With Bare Hands, 0:57 sec.

Hunter decides to change methods and instead of killing, he hugs a goose!

Goose Bow Kill on the fly. 3:45 min.

An amazing archery kill on flying geese. Tim Wells leads goose 60 feet to hit it 100 yards high.

Canada Goose Hunting with Drone and ShotKam, 2:51 min.

We went on a short goose hunt before work this morning and did pretty good with 6 birds, 5 of which had bands.

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