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Gun Control Sanctuaries Now Twisting In The Wind

When the breeze began to blow too hard to handle, gun controllers didn’t know if it was a tornado or a tsunami. It might be both.

Bob Rogers

You’ll remember her name: Kate Steinle. Walking with her father on pier 14 in the Embarcadero district of San Francisco July 1, 2015, she was shot and killed by an illegal multi-deported Mexican immigrant, José Inez García Zárate, who claimed to have “found” a .40 SIG P239 wrapped in cloth under the bench he was sitting on as the Steinle’s were walking past. The gun accidently discharged, the round hitting the pavement and ricocheted into Kate who later died in the hospital.

Eventually, Garcia Zarate was acquitted of murder. From all accounts he’s still in the Bay Area.

At the time, President Trump was campaigning for immigration control and wanted Garcia Zarate permanently deported. Democrats in Congress and especially in deep blue San Francisco weren’t about to let that happen and enlisted city and county politicians to declare the greater San Francisco city-county area as a “sanctuary” for illegal immigrants. Republicans were outraged. Democrats were gleeful. Then the famous ocean breezes that eventually blew out Candlestick Park and sent the NFL’s 49ers south to Levi Stadium in Santa Clara once again kicked up and now Republicans are exacting revenge.

It started in Washington State with, as we all know now, ballot initiative 1639, designed to force additional gun restrictions on law-abiding gun owners. County Sheriffs in mostly – but not all – eastern Washington, as we have recently seen, are refusing to enforce the new law and county administrators there have taken to declaring their digs as Sanctuary Counties. Democrats are outraged. Republicans are gleeful.

Last month House Democrats passed HR 8, a bill designed to force “universal” background checks on all sales and transfers of guns. Last week they then passed HR 1112 which is the ”enhanced” background check bill which would eliminate the 3-day waiting period for the FBI to clear a gun purchaser and which could extend the waiting period to as much as a month or more.
As if to punctuate their displeasure, gun owners, some county officials and especially some county sheriffs are now retaliating by declaring their administrative territories as sanctuary counties for gun owners meaning that the winning side of the gun control vote does not apply to them in the same way as San Francisco’s sanctuary county wouldn’t apply to jailing illegal immigrants. That set off another bonfire of the vanities.

Two years ago Nevada voters passed a federal background check bill. The state’s governor, Brian Sandoval and AG Adam Laxalt refused to comply with the vote because the state has sole authority to do so and the FBI system would only duplicate it. That’s when, following the election last November of Steve Sisolak as governor, the state dropped their check system in favor of the FBIs version.

As GunProPlus reported frequently over the past two weeks, sheriffs in Illinois, Washington and New Mexico have bolted from anti-gun legislation and declared their counties and/or political subdivisions as sanctuary counties for gun owners. And the spread continues. In today’s news section, you’ll find a story out of formerly red-state Colorado who the state’s Sheriff’s Department majority are demonstrably pro-gun and, as a result, two counties are refusing to enforce “red flag” laws and declaring Custer and Fremont counties as sanctuaries. Look for other Colorado counties to follow suit.

Extremely upset at the law enforcement rebuff of the state’s legislature’s continuing gun control campaign, political oversight watchdog.org reported that Democratic House Majority Leader Alec Garnett, D-Denver, mocked the counties in a floor speech before the bill’s passage Monday. “Now we have sanctuary counties,” he said. “I mean, do we have to talk about the ridiculousness of sanctuary counties? You’re not going to enforce a judicial order?”

We’ve heard it all before: “Be careful what you wish for.” “Monkey see, Monkey do.” “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Some of those old fogies of my grand pappy’s time had more foresight than what we’ve seen coming from the so-called “progressives” lately.

Like a spreading virus, Illinois, Washington, New Mexico – and there are now rumblings beginning even in California – and Colorado are challenging gun control politicians to use whatever legislative tools are handy to try upsetting the choices of the rebelling county voters who are siding with their sheriffs.

No sooner than that headline made news yesterday, guess what popped up? Once red, now blue state NEVADA! The Reno Gazette Journal reported yesterday that the board of commissioners will discuss and possibly vote on a resolution declaring Lyon a sanctuary county at its March 21 meeting. Expect the gallery to be filled.

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