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Gun Controllers Discover the Social Media Mother Lode

Bob Rogers

Thursday, March 8, 2018 — The NRA has five million members. Everytown For Gun Safety has four million members. Both numbers are likely pipe dreams since neither group allows audits of their membership rolls. It can also be said that about one-third of the American population own guns which, not unexpectedly, suggests that two-thirds of the American population doesn’t. In this age of political gun debate diversity the hard-core question for both sides is what to do about guns. More guns or more control over guns? Sandy Hook didn’t do it. Las Vegas didn’t do it. Yet, in gun rights Florida, the universally recognized launch pad for concealed carry, the gun controllers have struck the Mother Lode.

Last night, we stumbled across the Ingraham Angle, Fox News’ stage for conservative writer, editor, pro-gun TV news star Laura Ingraham. She had, among other guests, Catherine Pugh, Mayor of gun-plagued murderers row, Baltimore, MD. Once past the obligated niceties, Ingraham asked the mayor about the hiring of a fleet of buses to transport Baltimore students to the Big March on Washington in two weeks at a cost of around $100,000 from the city school budget. Pugh immediately launched into a filibuster over-talking Ingraham’s questions and never letting up in a pitifully disturbing spectacle of na-na-na-na-na-na – I can’t hear you – that lasted nearly 15 minutes. Clearly, Pugh used the opportunity to gut Fox News’ viewers with her own ugly discourse of spit.

Pugh was trying to make the point that she wanted her Baltimore students to join Florida’s Parkland school shooting survivors to “let their voices be heard.” Good on them. But when Ingraham pointed out the score of Baltimore’s black kids that have been murdered in Ravens-town, Pugh would have none of it, reloading her salivatory excrement until the segment simply ran out of exasperated time. Whooo! Glad that’s over.

Parkland landed an army of high schoolers right into the unnerved lap of the gun controllers, ergo, without warning but delightedly so, thanks largely to CNN’s ubiquitous Townhall telecast that was stocked to the gills with Parkhill’s – and who else’s bodies of patronage – largely unknowledgeable-about-guns-and-the Constitution. Talk about free ride gratuity; this was the bank vault, open and unguarded; a multitudinous force of a potential million “Guns?  We hate guns (even if we don’t know why)” freshly minted gun control …oops… “gun safety” advocates.

The newly crowned NRA-haters can be expected to be brain-washed quickly. Given the still growing urban crime monopoly, kids have a right to be scared whether at school or just walking to their closest Chuckie Cheese. The “movement,” as it’s likely to be called, will have nothing to do about self-protection or hunting. Or even the Olympics. It will have everything to do about skirting the Second Amendment in as many ways as possible until the U.S. Supreme Court quits fooling around with less critical-to-freedom issues and begins to call a screeching halt to all this foolishness.

Politically, there are decisions to be made and all of us gun owners won’t like them, or at least most of them.  But in this era of give-and-take politics which has brought Congress to a literal standstill on gun rights and civil rights freedoms, the only gold we’re likely to enjoy will be the kind given out to fools who waited too long to stem the panning of water to find even the smallest stream’s meager holdings.

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