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Gun dealers seeing surge in ammunition sales as new law nears (VIDEO)

KRCT-TV.COM June 19, 2019 – Gun dealers in Redding are reporting a surge of ammunition sales as the new law requiring background checks on such purchases comes closer.

The second phase of State Proposition 63, which passed in 2016, will make make background checks on those purchasing ammunition in California mandatory starting July 1. Stores across the state, including those in Redding, have seen a spike in ammunition sales in the month leading up to the law going into effect.

Dealers like Richard Howell, General Manager of Old West Gun & Loan in Redding, says his store has seen a significant increase in the amount of ammo people are buying at once. Howell says that the people going into the store are buying more ammunition, both in quantity and variety. He says that the upcoming law is what is driving that trend.

Howell is not alone, other ammunition dealers in Redding are seeing similar trends. Howell says that the new law might encourage gun owners to buy their ammunition out of state and illegally bring it back into California rather than submit to a background check. Potentially leading to less sales at stores, like Old Town Gun & Loan.

“If it’s big purchases by those individuals, that could affect our business in a sense that they’re not buying that ammunition from us,” Howell said.

Despite the potential loss of sales, Howell remains optimistic that his store will endure the restriction.

“The law, like all firearms laws we have in California, haven’t put us out of business yet, and it won’t. Will it be a hindrance? Of course. Will people decide to buy ammo elsewhere? Of course they will.” Howell said.

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