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Gun Laws Have Limits

Bob Rogers

Monday, February 19, 2018 – It’s not about what you can do. It’s about what you can’t. Passing new laws to control guns has limitations. Our liberal brethren seem to think that a magic political wand – or will – is all that’s needed to put a CANCEL stamp on a piece of paper. That’s only about 227 years too late. In 1791 the Bill of Rights, which includes the first, second and fourth amendments to the U.S. Constitution, was ratified by 75% of state legislatures. Granted, that was then and this is now. But that’s what constitutions are for; to set down rules in and for present and future time the conduct of people, places and things. What one wants and what one can have are two unequivocal things. That includes not just the governed but the government; the difference between being citizens who rule or being just subjects that are ruled. To even try to compare America’s style of government with that of other countries is indomitably foolish. A headline: Florida Students Plea With Congress:  It’s About the Guns. No, it’s not. It’s about the law.  When you break it there’s a price to pay; emphasis on “you.”

A renewed effort to pass new gun controls of any effective significance is thin, at best. Feel-good approaches will calm the waters momentarily with Florida being the recipient of change – minor for the most part – in order to maintain the legislative status quo. California, similarly, as with some other coastal venues, accomplished new breast-beating gun controls that are eventually likely to fail in part, if not in substance, whenever the U.S. Supreme Court has had enough of the clamoring to put gun rights on the daily docket. Just adding universal background checks, mag limits, and other inconsequential dictums to state laws will quiet the dog pounds for awhile but, like candy store kids, just one sucker will never be enough to satisfy the cravings.

Another headline from today’s 4th estaters: No One Becomes a Mass Shooter Without a Mass-Shooting Gun. Nonsense. Couplers and triplers, among other creative fantasies, will up an ARs 10-round capacity to 30 rounds in a millisecond given enough practice. It’s not the gun, it’s the gunner. To fret defies history. Before there were automatic or semi-automatic guns there were muskets.  Before there were muskets there were knives and swords. Before that, sticks and stones. The Florida school shooter couldn’t resist telling the social media world of his coming exploits via his desire to become a “professional school shooter.” Ya’mean somebody can get paid for doing that?

It’s just our opinion but it counts for time served: If we can outlaw guns, let’s outlaw social media, what I like to call the “New Government.” Can’t do that?  Oh. First Amendment. OK.  How about a background check before you can purchase a smartphone like the one the Florida shooter had. That could tell us something about why he should NEVER have been able to purchase a gun…at 18, 38, or 98. Smartphones are not covered by the constitution any more than automobiles are and, obviously, both can kill. Well, not the phones or cars, but the drivers/users. Now that’s a revelation.

We can wail. We can march. We can cajole our minions into turning gun control into a cash cow. Mere moments after Parkland, Everytown went on their socials to boast that they had just collected $750,000 right after the school shooting. What a great incentive for raising money. Yes, we’re being insensitive and snarky. But the opportunity for the gun control nuts to rally school kids and convert them into an army of would-be voters is unquenchable. But few 12th grade students – the Florida school shooter excepted (he was 19) – can vote until their 18th birthday and, give or take a few weeks or months, will find something else to occupy their summers while waiting for their first election baptism.

Meanwhile, there’s always Shannon Watts and Chris Murphy. They’d make a sweet couple. As for schools, they should be as tight as internment camps. Nobody gets in or out without a pass.

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