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Gun Owners Are the Political Minority

Bob Rogers

December 19, 2018 | Three Hundred million guns in America was enough to scare the Japanese in 1941 but it doesn’t raise a hair on Chuckie Schumer’s bald spot.

The Democrat Senate Minority Leader is, like his House counterpart, Nancy Pelosi, steadfast in their pursuit of more gun control.

While that is alarming to some gun owners the reality is that our opponents in the gun debate significantly outstrip us in numbers.  On our side are voters who shoot, who know guns, who are fully aware of the danger of guns that fall into the wrong hands or are accidentally discharged.  On the other side are voters who mostly have never touched a gun much less fired one. Yet, they control the votes and the gun confiscators use it to their advantage.

The no-guns groups have lacked sufficient challengers to the pro-gun groups who have at their political backsides the NRA’s power and money.  For decades our side has bathed in the luxury of political hot tubs, relaxing in the knowledge that there was no one big enough or rich enough to launch an effective challenge to the NRA.  Then along came Michael Bloomberg, a partisan flag-waver with a large enough checkbook to match whatever bank the NRA uses. Heck, he might even own that bank.

Bloomberg, once a Democrat turned Republican so he could get elected Mayor of New York the first time on an austere budget proposal  and who then reversed direction so he could be re-elected as Mayor of New York after it became obvious that most New Yorkers had turned liberally Democratic, eventually decided that his fellow Mayors should band together to fight the rising epidemic of gun crime in their cities. Like the austere budget plan he proposed, his Mayors Against Gun Violence failed to excite anybody.  Why?  Because who would be against gun violence except everybody. To succeed he had to find other words and other people besides fellow mayors to help deliver his message.

Enter Shannon Watts, a former press release writer for several companies in the healthcare field who founded Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America which attracted the attention of Bloomberg who had given up on his Mayors Against group as being ineffective. Bloomberg linked up with Watts who, needing money to advance her groups anti-gun activities, struck gold.  Bloomberg’s.

Everytown for Gun Safety was Bloomberg’s next establishment but was founded by the former mayor with some uncertainty about it’s potential. That’s when he became the official bankroll for Watts’ demanding Moms.

It’s likely that following several braindrain meetings Watts became the leading spokesperson for Bloomberg’s gun violence prevention group and the effort finally realized that changing the public perception from being against something, i.e., gun violence, to the softer approach of being fore something, i.e., gun safety would have a much longer shelf life.

While Watts’ mission hadn’t changed – she’s all for getting rid of guns, despite her disclaimers to the contrary – she now had the ammunition to go after the NRA, the vilified “gun lobby.”

Basically, what Watts ended up with was a slanderous strategy to paint the NRA as the enemy of gun safety, history be damned that showed the NRA to be just the opposite.

Donald Trumps election to the presidency in 2016 let some of the wind out of the gun control balloon. The NRA’s heavy $30 million investment was Watts’ target even though, using Bloomberg’s money that resolutely balanced the books between gun rights and gun control, both sides had by then established equal footing in the political gun debate.  That was evidenced in the 2018 midterm elections that saw some 40 seats in the House of Representatives flip from Republican to Democrat, thanks largely to the many Republicans who fell on their swords in their anxiety to leave public service. We think they saw the waters of a blue wave coming with Donald Trump steering the ship into stormy waters.

Lacking the ability to get Republicans to change their minds about gun rights, Everytown’s Demanding Moms had turned to the safe haven of liberally run states where opposition to the constitutionality of gun rights was passe’ among the majority voters and state legislatures were already controlled by colluding Democrats.

That was evident following the Borderline night club shooting early November in Thousand Oaks, California after one mother lost her son to the mass gun crime and told an on-air/on-scene reporter that she didn’t want anyone’s ‘thoughts and prayers,’ she wanted “gun control.” That was probably the first time in her long life that she had ever uttered any of those words.

But that made a significant statement that revealed the core of the anti-gun movement’s recent success; forget trying to reform gun owners.  They’re outnumbered by voters who know little to nothing about guns except that they kill.  Obviously.  And the only way to stop the killing is to get rid of the guns.  All guns.

And that’s the contemporary conundrum.  They can’t.

Regardless of the switch in political posture of the House of Representatives from a Republican  majority to a willing anti-gun Democratic majority that beginning in January will control that chamber, the Republican Senate will circle the wagons and block any effort by Democrats in the House to strip American gun  owners of their constitutional rights.

Yes, gun owners are a minority, as are others that are either racially or religiously divided and split along partisan lines. Eventually, the winds of political hurricanes will subside and despite their efforts to avoid confronting the gun issues, the U.S. Supreme Court will have to deal with the panoply of confusing gun restrictions at individual states, cities and counties levels that have allowed the initiative process to overtake the continued infringement of the people’s right to self-protection. Minority or not.

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