For Gun Owners The Color Purple Is Universal

Friday, July 14, 2017 — It seems too obvious to suggest that all Americans are covered by the Second Amendment.  Black, White, Brown, Yellow, Purple. The latter most often characterized as  the mantra for LGBTQ-XYZ, non-gender. Such alphabet palettes are generally ignored by one skin color or another but not by the Constitution of the United States. Ideology aside, all gun owners should be classified by the meaning behind author Alice Walker’s book, The Color Purple, which, fittingly, was turned into a movie. The theme? That all God’s children should see themselves as a field of flowers. Purple flowers. Because there is beauty in all of us. At least, until we leave adolescence. From there, life changes color to abstract: theoretical, impersonal and detached. Thus the gun cares not who is pulling the trigger but only the motive behind the pull.

As recently as today, color is playing a part in the Women’s March on Washington DC. The starting blocks, however, are in Fairfax, Virginia, on the steps of the NRA building. That location is significant because the organizers of the March see the NRA as the catalyst behind every shooting in which a black person is killed by a non-black person, most specifically a non-black cop. Never mind that Philando Castile was shot and killed by a non-white cop, Jeronimo Yanez, of Hispanic heritage. What matters to The March is that Castile was killed by a cop, white, brown, magenta; makes no difference. What matters to the marchers is the perceived sin that a black person was killed by anyone other than a black person. A black cop, in this scenario, might just as well have been anything else other than black.  But that is too logical for which March protestors might deal. It spoils their narrative.

What matters in the March mindset is not black lives but NRA lives. And there are a lot of NRA lives to go around. Some five million by NRA count, maybe 300 million by anybody else’s. The gun debate has become palettatively abstract. While the NRA represents the military acumen of the American gun culture it acknowledges the boundless parameters of people who are affected one way or another by the gun intellect and, while there is always room for debate, there isn’t nor should there ever be a division between us based on creed, color or national origin.

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