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Gun Ownership and Marijuana Use and Laws

USA CARRY.COM  June 25, 2019 – Whether you agree or disagree, there are some interesting facts about the current status and relationship of marijuana ownership and use relative to owning and using guns. There are many different and hugely conflicting marijuana state laws and misunderstandings about the existing, related federal government controlled-substances laws and gun possession in the United States. So, there are many considerations in the complex relationships among the legalities of gun ownership, possession, and use and legalized marijuana for both recreational and medical uses.

Without any doubt today, the marijuana business, related taxes and crime, and personal attention to it is huge. Money seems to be a motivating factor for many states and individuals, perhaps to the detriment of individuals. It is a major industry, and it is estimated to involve many folks (e.g., growers, retailers, government employees, users, and non-users) and many dollars in the U.S. Recently, while walking the beach boardwalk on vacation near Santa Monica, California, I saw many marijuana stores offering medical marijuana evaluations and cards and “weed” recreational dispensaries, some even with deliveries. I was approached about the “product,” surely by a legal and licensed street vendor? (For clarification, I was not looking to buy anything there and have never used marijuana for any purpose.)

Note: There are significant differences among the state marijuana laws, and there are conflicts between existing federal “marijuana” laws and state “marijuana” laws, which affect gun ownership. Since it is so very important to place these considerations in context with the different state laws and the related federal laws for gun ownership, I want to give you a brief overview of the states and their laws and then the related federal laws, before getting into the relationship between guns and marijuana. [Read More]

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