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Guns and The Big Lie: Taking a Detour Down Victim Lane

Steve Comus

January 2, 2019 | Anti-gun forces are all about the BIG LIE. Tell a big enough lie often enough and folks might believe it.

I suppose that it is possible to think that a gun-related suicide is a form of “gun violence,” as the antis now argue. But the truth is that classifying it as such sends a garbled and misleading message to the inattentive folks. Never in such discussions is the fact brought up that those who are hell-bent on suicide will kill themselves no matter what, and that it is better for them not to injure or kill others in the process, which happens more commonly when non-gun suicides are carried out.

It’s like Groundhog Day all over again as the news media dredge-up and repeat their attacks on guns by declaring them to be a public health problem. The only legitimate public health problem associated with guns is the inability of society to deal effectively with crazies and druggies.

Whenever anti-gun forces run out of other things to talk about, they play the public health card and turn to the Centers for Disease Control because they think that gives credibility to their false arguments.

This is what happens when discussions of good and evil take a detour down Victim Lane.

Society seems incapable of confronting truth and fact head-on. Rather, it is preoccupied trying to avoid the hard things and focusing on “victims.” Victims seem to be popping up everywhere like mushrooms on the forest floor.

With more people doing more studies with more sophisticated technology, there is no dearth of “data.” Data alone is irrelevant because it is nothing more than numbers and/or words, either on paper or in the virtual cosmos.

What the data mean is the important factor. And, given humans’ ability to distort and deliberately misunderstand virtually anything and everything, the door is wide open for fraud and abuse. Over time, the result of such serial lying is simple: no one will believe any of the pap – and justifiably so.

These thoughts came to mind recently when the news media dredged up still another bunch of BS that supposedly means something to someone in the realm of “gun violence.”

The whole idea of the renewed coverage is to plant the seed in the minds of the populace that there is a “gun problem” and that the “problem” can be solved if guns are eliminated.

That’s a bunch of bull because the “problem” is not the gun, but those who use them improperly and/or illegally.

If one were to follow the same line of illogic, then it would be consistent to suggest that cars and roads should be outlawed because they are involved in drunk driving deaths.

The mantra is the same old stuff: guns are inherently bad, people are inherently victims and they wouldn’t be victims absent the gun.

Roughly half of the gun deaths discussed in the recent coverage were suicides. The whole discussion about suicides needs to be done in a different setting if it is to have any real meaning.

It is socially preferable that someone who does commit suicide does it so that, in the process, others are not injured or killed. In most gun-related suicides, bystanders are not hurt. But when someone commits suicide by ramming his or her car into another car head-on, then others are hurt.

Remember the anti-gun folks who cry out: “if this thing can save just one life….” Well, if folks committing suicide choose to use guns rather than crashing into others can save just one life – you get the point.

Another “data” point in the recent media rehash is the classification of “youths.” They consider those folks to be aged 10 to 19. Interesting that very many of the active gang-bangers are in that age group.

So, the question remains: how many of the “youths” were gang-bangers who were killed in the act of being gangsters?

The point here is that by mixing all kinds of things together, it is possible to make something look radically different than it does if it is viewed totally objectively.

We are told that there is an opioid crisis. That means there are a lot of druggies out there in society and druggies do crazy things. How many gun deaths recently have involved druggies under the influence of drugs? However many there are, the gun is not the “problem.” Drugs are.

From a communications perspective, however, the most egregious lie of the antis in this entire discussion is connecting guns with the Centers for Disease Control at all. That is because of the word “disease.”

Guns are not a disease. But the word disease carries with it the assumption that it should be eliminated because it is a natural pox.

There are other government agencies that properly address aspects of guns in society. Safety comes to mind – everything from product safety to safe use falls under this umbrella.

In fact, all of the other elements of the “guns are disease” discussion also do not belong in a strict discussion of “disease.”

Yet by lumping guns and these other things under the disease umbrella, antis garble the discussion to make it look like they all belong there.

In the end it is about lies. The more the antis spew out, the more they lie. As much as truth is the friend of the gun, it is the enemy of the anti.

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