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Guns Are for Hunting Not for War

Matching wits and guns with our military has guaranteed our freedom.  Never, ever forget that.

Bob Rogers

Adm. Mike Mullen, the former chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called for a ban on assault weapons: These “weapons are for war; they are not for sport. Assault weapons are designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest time possible.”

Well, yeah. The Admiral has a point.  And that’s exactly the point. Any spirited half-baked deer hunter can drop a buck with one round in a bolt rifle.  He doesn’t need a 30-round magazine to do it, either. If necessary, most bolt rifles will provide a 3 to 4-round backup should additional shots be necessary to assure the critter doesn’t go off and expire somewhere out of sight.

So the question: Are ARs and AKs and all their other continuously emerging cousins made primarily for war? We say – primarily, of course – yes. And we look at it this way: Say today’s Democrats beat Trump into the 18th hole on one of his golf courses never to be seen again. And they send Mitch McConnell back to his old Kentucky home. House Republicans, lacking legislative muscle ne’er more, are told by Pelosi to go sit in the corner. The Dems take over Washington, DC and shortly thereafter, the whole country.

Now, let’s talk universal background checks. Hi-cap mags. Assault rifles. Red Flags. Forget reciprocity. Carry concealed is no longer available. New York City can re-install all the “don’t take your guns outside your house” it wants.  Gavin Newsom can tax ammo to death. Gun retailers are ordered to sell guns – any guns – only to people over age 35 who are granted a federal license after they have satisfactorily completed a training course designed by Shannon Watts and John Feinblatt. (Google ‘em).

Using Washington state’s I-1639 as the benchmark, you order all newly minted county sheriffs (after you dismissed the previous Sanctuary County sheriffs) to confiscate any gun that doesn’t imitate any gun used in mortal combat between two or more countries.

Forget the Constitution and whatever any appointed local official thinks it is supposed to guarantee to militias or anyone else. Anti-gun legislators are now in control of government, do away with the electoral college, tell Iowa voters to go to Hell, tell the world’s displaced immigrants that food in America is free and plentiful, housing will be provided to anyone over the age of one month, school will adjust curriculums to reflect love and marriage to any mix of two or more people and the only religion allowed to be practiced is according to the late Jim Jones of Guyana fame.


The point being that unarmed, defenseless Americans are no longer citizens but subjects and the only thing that will stop the building political dictatorship is to pit the citizen militias with ARs/AKs against a federal  military which is armed to the teeth with Weapons of War and not bolt action deer rifles. Fair IS fair, isn’t it?

Get it?  Got it?  Good.

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