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Guns in Schools VIDEOS

CNN Debate: Should Guns Be Allowed On Campus? 4:05 min.

SCCC’s Mike Guzman debates John Woods, Virginia Tech alumnus whose girlfriend died in the shooting.

Fox News: Should Guns Be Allowed on Campus? 4:45 min.

Fox News asks the question should guns be allowed on college campuses in Texas, goes over the basic information, and briefly interviews SCCC’s Mike Guzman.

John Stossel – Should Students Pack Heat? 6:58 min.

Reporter John Stossel discusses the question of licensed students carrying concealed weapons on college campuses with David Burnett, President of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus and Colin Goddard with the Brady Campaign.

Concealed Weapons On Campus? 7:44 min.

Should guns be allowed on college campuses? A cloud of fear and misconceptions surround this issue as Students for Concealed Carry continues to lobby for licensed defensive concealed carry on college campuses.

Students seek approval to carry guns on campus 3:28 min.

There’s a new push to let college students bring guns to school, with lawmakers in 13 states considering a so-called campus carry bills. Supporters believe armed students could stop violent crimes like college sexual assaults, but as Michelle Miller reports, the controversy is dividing students at Florida State University.

Should Students Carry Guns On Campus? 4:49 min.

The new Texas “Campus Carry” law allows students to carry concealed handguns in public college campuses, including classrooms and buildings. Here’s how some students and faculty are reacting at the University of Texas in Austin.

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