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Best Hard Pistol Cases

Picking the right case for your pistol can be a daunting task. There are so many different things to consider: Will it fit in my car? Am I going to accidentally bang up my gun with this hard plastic shell? Is this really the best choice for me and my needs, or is it just what everyone else has been doing because they don’t know any better? But there’s no need to worry! We have all of those questions answered and more as we introduce you to our top 10 favorite picks for pistol cases.

The Top 10 Pistol Hard Cases

1. Pelican 1200 Protector Case

Pelican cases are made of strong and durable polycarbonate, which is the same material used for bullet-proof glass. This makes them virtually indestructible.

Additionally, they feature a foam interior that’s designed to hold your firearm securely in place during travel. This case does not require any tools for assembly or disassembly as it comes ready for use! The Pelican 1200 Protector Case is our top pick among hard pistol cases because it offers all of these features and more at an affordable price.


– The Pelican 1200 Protector Case is made of tough polycarbonate, the same material used for bullet-proof glass. That means even if you drop this thing out of a moving car, it isn’t going to break into a million pieces!

– When you purchase this case, the foam inside is already pre-cut for your pistol. But if you need to customize the fitment for whatever reason (like adding a quick-release plate to mount your rifle), it’s easy to do so!

– The Pelican 1200 Protector Case comes with QUIK-TIP™ hinges that allow for easy one-handed operation and it is completely watertight if you’re looking for protection against the elements.

– All Pelican cases come with a lifetime guarantee, so you know that the company is confident in the quality of its product!


– Because this case is made specifically for handguns, it may not fit larger items like scopes or magazines. But if you are planning on carrying around pistols only, this is

2. Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Pick & Pluck Pistol Case

The Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Pick & Pluck Pistol Case is a perfect way to store your pistol and keep it safe from children, thieves, and grime. The case has individual slots for up to six pistols, with room in the middle for ammunition or other handgun accessories.

The exterior of the case is made from durable ballistic nylon fabric that won’t tear or fray even when you throw it around a bit. It also includes two straps that let you carry it over your shoulder like a backpack so you can have both hands free while carrying heavy loads.

Another cool feature is the water-resistant zipper seal which keeps out moisture and protects against dust as well as bugs if you plan on storing your gun in an outdoor space such as a garage or storage shed. This case is one of the most popular cases on the market right now due to its innovative design, high-quality materials, and affordable price tag.


– Durable and water-resistant

– Six individual slots for pistols or other handgun accessories.

– Affordable


– Only six slots, not 12 like other cases.

3. Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case

The Premium Tactical Supply Single Pistol Case is a perfect solution for those of us who want to transport our firearms securely and discreetly. It’s designed by professionals, for professionals – the best in the industry. Not only does it provide maximum protection against prying eyes, but it also has plenty of extra storage space inside that you can use to store ammo or other accessories.

The case comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that gives you added convenience when carrying your firearm from place to place.


– Keeps your gun secure

– Durable and well made

– No Velcro; Full zipper closure

– Waterproof and dustproof

– Lifetime Warranty


– Price; may be out of reach for some gun owners.

4. Case Club 5 Pistol Case Gen 2

The Case Club 5 Pistol Gen 2 is a great pistol case for anyone looking to transport their pistols. It’s durable and has plenty of room, but it also comes with some drawbacks that might not be worth the price tag.

The Case Club 5 Pistol Gen 2 is made from rugged ballistic nylon and features reinforced stitching on all edges for added durability. You can fit up to five handguns in this case and there are adjustable dividers so you can customize your storage system based on the size of your firearms. The zippers lock securely and come with two keys which adds an extra level of protection against theft or accidental opening while traveling. One potential drawback is that this case isn’t water resistant, meaning any moisture could ruin your guns if you’re using them in inclement weather. There’s also no option to add extra storage space, but the dimensions are large enough for several pistols and magazines if you’re willing to sacrifice some space.

The Case Club 5 Pistol Gen 2 measures 26″ x 10″ x 6″. It weighs 6 pounds without anything inside of it so it might be a little bulky for some uses. All in all, this case is a great option for those who want to transport several firearms and accessories at once. It’s sturdy, has plenty of storage space, but its $200 price tag might be too much for those looking just for a pistol case.


-Very durable due to its ballistic nylon

-It has adjustable dividers for easy customization

-It’s large enough for several pistols and magazines

-It comes with two keys to improve security against theft or accidental opening

-There are plenty of storage compartments


-Doesn’t have waterproofing so it’s not ideal for inclement weather

-No option to add extra storage space beside the dividers which can be removed if necessary.

5. Plano 10137 Gun Guard SE

The Plano 10137 Gun Guard SE is a hard-sided case that holds up to eight handguns with a built-in locking system. The interior of the gun guard is lined in foam for comfort and protection, and it has an integrated TSA lock so you can fly with your firearms without issue. The exterior also comes equipped with two locks on either side of the case for added security.

The best part about this model? It’s lightweight, durable, water resistant, and its price point is very competitive when compared to other options on the market today. Overall this case is well designed and constructed out of high-quality materials; it would be perfect for anyone wanting to store their guns safely yet still be able to transport them easily from place to place.


-Lightweight and easy to transport

-Durable and water-resistant

-Very competitive price point


-Difficult to lock the exterior when in transport mode when the locking system is on the back of the case

6. MTM 2 Pistol Handgun Case 

The MTM 2 Pistol Handgun Case is a great choice for those who are looking to transport their firearm in an affordable and protective case. This durable hard-sided pistol case will hold up to two handguns. It also includes an oversized lockable zipper puller that can be used as a handle for carrying the case by hand or over your shoulder.

The interior of the MTM 2 Pistol Handgun Case is lined with soft foam padding which helps protect your firearms from drops and impact damage during transport. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to transport your guns on land, sea, or air this may be the perfect pistol handgun case for you! Highly recommended!


– Durable hard-sided pistol case

– Holds up to two handguns

– Includes oversized lockable zipper puller that can be used as a handle for carrying the case by hand or over your shoulder

– Foam padding inside helps protect firearms from drops and impact damage during transport


– The exterior is made out of aluminum rather than steel, which can make it less durable.

7. Eylar 13.37″ Standard Hard Gun Case

The Eylar 13.37″ Standard Case is a great case for carrying your pistol around, whether you’re going to the range or just want a safe way to transport it from one point to another.

The case is made of high-quality materials and has a padded interior that will protect your firearm from bumps and scratches. It also comes with two pockets on the exterior which are great for storing ammunition, magazines, cleaning supplies, etc., so you’ll have everything in one place when you need it.

This gun case doesn’t come with locks but does include straps that allow you to lock the zipper pulls together when needed. Overall this is an affordable yet solid option if what you’re looking for is something simple and reliable that


– Interior Dimensions: 13.37″ x 3.15″ x 10.24″, Exterior Dimensions: 16.54″ x 3.74″ x 12.80

– Padded interior to protect your firearm from bumps and scratches

– Holds a variety of different sized pistols


– Lacks locks, instead includes straps for you to lock zipper pulls together

– No exterior pockets for accessories, only one small interior pocket

8. Nanuk 910 Waterproof Hard Case

The Nanuk 910 is a waterproof hard case for storing your firearms and other valuables. This bag is made of high-density polyethylene, which makes it virtually unbreakable. It’s also non-magnetic, so you don’t have to worry about airport security or thieves with metal detectors finding this bag. The tough shell surrounds the inner foam liner that protects whatever you put inside.

There are three locking latches on the front of the case, as well as an automatic pressure release valve if water gets in (although it should be fine for most scenarios). Overall, this seems like a great product!


– The case is very easy to use.

– It comes with a lifetime warranty from the seller.

– It’s also not too expensive.

– You get what you pay for(it’s durable).


– There are no reviews for this product, so I can’t say how it actually performs in real life.

9. LifePod 2.0 Handgun Case

The LifePod 2.0 Handgun Case is a protective case designed for handguns and other small items, with a watertight seal that provides protection from the elements. The exterior of this case features an integrated web platform that allows you to attach your gear to it, such as binoculars or cameras, without needing any additional equipment.

This is great for those who want to take their handgun camping but don’t want it weighing them down while they are hiking through rough terrain. The interior has two compartments: one large compartment in the front with an adjustable divider system and another smaller compartment in the back which can hold up to three magazines or several boxes of ammunition at once.

The lid locks shut with an overlapping insulation flap that ensures a watertight seal even when left out in the rain.

Best yet, the LifePod is made from 100% recyclable material and can float, making it ideal for those who boat or kayak as well as campers.

The LifePod 2.0 Handgun Case is designed to fit most small to medium-sized handguns.


-Watertight seal provides protection from the elements

-Can fit most small to medium handguns

-Protective case designed for handguns and other small items


-Not ideal for larger handguns

10. Flambeau Outdoors Double Deep Tactical Pistol Case

The Flambeau Outdoors Double Deep Tactical Pistol Case is a hard-sided case that can fit two pistols. It’s made of rugged polypropylene with foam padding and features an easy carry handle, locking zippers, and cutouts for the most popular handguns. The inside of the case is fully lined with soft fabric to protect the finish on your firearms. It has a double padlock system for added security, too! For these reasons, it’s one of our favorite pistol cases available today.


– Available in black or tan

– Very affordable

– Fits two pistols inside one case!


– Might be too short for some handguns, making the gun sit higher than intended inside the case. This might cause the barrel or grip to poke through the case.

Buying Guide: What to Look for in the Perfect Handgun Case

Choosing the right hard pistol case can be a difficult decision. There are so many different types of cases, and it’s not always easy to figure out which one is best for you. If you’re looking for a hard case, there are several qualities that set one model apart from another. Some, which are shared with soft cases, but not all. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing your new gun case.


The protection provided by your pistol case is the single biggest factor in its overall usefulness to you. A good pistol case should protect your guns against dust, debris, scratches, dings, and bumps. It should also keep your guns safe from the elements (humidity, rain), as well as other things that can cause damage (such as water or salt).


Your case should fit your guns and other equipment snugly, but not so tight that it damages the gun. The best pistol cases are the ones that will hold your firearm firmly in place while allowing you to shoot it with ease.


The price of your pistol case will play a big role in what you get. The more protection and security features your case has, the higher its price will be. Keep this in mind when searching for the right case to purchase.


Your handgun case should be made from strong, durable materials. The sturdier the material, the longer your case will last. This is especially true for cases that are not waterproof or have locks on them.


You’ll need to consider how much you want your hard gun case to weigh. A lighter-weight case will likely be easier to carry long distances but might not offer the same level of protection as a heavier case. On the other hand, a heavy case might be cumbersome to carry around all day, but it might also provide more overall protection for your firearms.

Ease of Use

This factor is especially important if you will be using the hard gun case often and/or for extended periods of time. The best cases are easy to open quickly when you need your firearm, but also stay securely closed while not in use. They should also allow you to remove or add items with ease.

Picking the Right Single or Multiple Pistol Hard Case

There are so many great handgun cases available today. When searching for the perfect case, you should consider which factors matter most to you. The more important a given factor is to you, the higher the price of your hard gun case will be. If protection and security are extremely important to you, then weight might not be as much of a concern.

This is a personal decision, but the best option is to buy a case that provides an optimal combination of each of these factors. You might even find it helpful to look at pistol case reviews from other users. We hope our list of the top 10 best pistol cases has been helpful!

Frequently Asked Question

Are foam cases bad for guns?

No, not at all. Foam pistol cases offer several advantages over hard cases, including the fact that they are often less expensive than other types of cushioning material. They can also be washed more easily than some other materials because foam is very porous and will wick away moisture. And since foam can act as both a water-proof barrier and an insulating agent, you’ll need fewer layers of protection for your firearm than with other options.

Is it bad to keep a gun in its case?

No, it is not in any way a bad thing to leave your firearm stored properly in its case when you aren’t actively using it. In fact, the whole purpose of the case is to protect your pistol from additional wear and tear while it isn’t being used. Leaving a gun out on a table, for instance, could cause damage over time due to things like grease from your hands or sweat from your skin.

Putting a gun in an unprotected environment also leaves it vulnerable to unpleasant situations such as theft or damage due to weather. Your best bet is always going to be storing firearms safely and securely when they are not being used so you don’t have anything serious happen because of something simple that could have been prevented easily enough on its own.

What kind of foam do you use for a gun case?

For the most part, in a foam gun case, you would need polyurethane. This material will be absorbed quickly in the foam when added to create a pliable case that can conform to keep firearms secure.

More generally speaking, when it comes to foam cases for guns the type of foam matters less than what is being put into them. Typically any kind of high-quality polyurethane will be rubberized and then wrapped in thicknesses of nylon or other durable cloth-like materials for knits and seams… Overall if you are looking at blanketing anything with this type of material it is very much an individual choice based on the requirements of your application. Samples are available upon request should you require more detailed information before committing