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HI – RETAILERS – Gun sales surge, creating a backlog to process permits (VIDEO)

Gun sales surge around the state, but some counties struggle to keep up with the growing number of firearms permits and registrations. Guns have been flying off the shelf at the 808 Gun Club, that is – if they even reach the shelf in the first place. “Island wide, everyone is low on inventory. For us, some guns are sold before they even arrive in the store,” said Timothy Tenney, owner of 808 Gun Club. Sales at his shop have doubled. Tenney said sales have increased before other elections, but this time the surge is because of the uncertain times created during the COVID crisis. “Most of the customers in recent months have said their concern is home defense and protecting their families,” added Tenney. “The main reason I got a gun is safety and security,” said Honolulu resident Jesse Hanson. Hanson is a first-time gun buyer. He started the permitting process in February. He is still without a firearm, and will be into 2021. “Add three months to get appointment, two weeks for background check, then 3 months for appointment to register it once I get it,” stated Hanson. Along with the surge of gun sales, there has also been a huge increase in permits issued on Oahu this year: nearly 3,000 more than at this time last year, which is an increase of nearly 40%. The same is true for firearms being registered.

Other counties also report increases, with Kauai registering a 50% jump in the number of firearms, going from 2,208 in 2019, to 3,294 in 2020. Along with the number of permits piling up, so is the number of guns waiting to be picked up by customers. “We have 222 guns, sold in the back. But we are waiting for customers to get their permit to acquire and get them out of here,” stated Tenney. [full article]

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