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Hog Hunting VIDEOS

Labor Day Weekend Boar Hunt 6:37 min.

Another Boar down at the Buck and Bass Ranch

Texas Hog Hunting at Boars All Day with a Wild Boar Charge 6:17 min.

What an exciting two days! We got out in the rain and made some memories. A great sneak and handgun shot on a one eyed hog, dropping hogs from a distance, and even had a charge that ended after seven quick shots! Wow! Ran out of cooler space so we filled a garbage bag full of ice and organic pork! A hunt to remember for sure.

Hog Hunters Do It in the Swamp 6:36 min.

Day 2 in Georgia. After freezing all night at camp, we get up and go swimming. We just can’t help where the hogs go! We may all get sick, but we have a good time. And though the swamps were flooded our group of BHH and 704 Outdoors were still able to take 5 hogs out of the GA swamps.

6.5 Creedmoor The Perfect Storm Hog Hunt 3:30 min.

YouTuber invited me to head west and shoot some hogs. Couldn’t pass on this opportunity!

Bow Hunting Texas Hogs 4:55 min.

Bushlan Camo works well in Texas when Bow Hunting Hogs at Close Range like 40-50 yard Feeder shots

Wife Goes Hog Hunting for First Time 9:47 min.

Ocean spoon girl wanted to go hog hunting. We are on a ranch in east Texas and after the sun goes down, we are breaking out the night vision and thermal gear and trying to get her the first hog of her life.

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