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Hog Hunting VIDEOS

Hunting Florida Hogs! 3:06 min.

American Archer team member Adam Eller heads to Florida to help a friend eradicate feral hogs from his land!

Amazing Head Shot: Texas Hog Bowhunt, 3:09 min.

Have you ever wondered what to do if a wounded hog is about to charge and all you have is a bow? Should you take a head shot?

308 Hog Hunting, 2:31 min.

308 win. Wild Hog. At 37 metres this pig didn’t stand much of a chance. These are the times i need to carry my Bow.

Texas Crossbow Hog Hunting, 1:35 min.

Crossbows are a great tool for hunters. They are allowing for more people to take to the field that previously could not with traditional archery equipment.

Big Bore 50 Caliber Air Rifle Hunt for Wild Boar, 2:54 min.

Big Bore 50 caliber air rifle hunt for hogs just north of Houston, Texas.

The Dangers of Hog Hunting, 2:00 min.

Wesley and Troy check out the hog they shot and share stories about the dangers of hunting the beasts in this bonus clip from Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry.

Pig Hunting Darkness To Daylight, 1:58 min.

Goin’ to the dogs hog hunting.

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