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Hoggwash: Where was Never Again and We Call BS? Marching For Their Lives?

Bob Rogers

Wednesday, September 19, 2018 — Somehow the Parkland Survivors didn’t make a stop in Apopka, Florida.  Had they done so, they would have found students with guns shooting at each other – something more they can blame on the NRA. Scroll down for the story and the video of one of the students taking aim at another student over a girl.

While the gun controllers continue their demonstrations for more gun restrictions including raising the age to own a rifle or a handgun in Florida from 18 to 22 that memo never seemed to reach not just students at Apopka High School but students across the country.

Here’s a few sample headlines: NJ – Student accidentally shot after bringing gun to school; IL – Bomb squad searches Wilmette Jr. High after guns found; AL – Student shot in hand at Blossomwood Elementary; IA – Police stop Iowa teen from bringing gun, knife into high school; OK – Owasso student faces felony charges after gun found at school.

The Stoneman Douglas kids’ time might be better spent by turning their rants on school administrators rather than the NRA or what they perceive as the dreaded “gun lobby.” The need for hardening schools as well as students reporting other kids with guns might go a long way in reducing future student shoot-outs. How are these students getting guns? Their age doesn’t appear to stop them and, if they didn’t steal their parents’ unsecured guns they need to address that subject with the parents, not Congress.

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