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Your gun or your life: Second thoughts always seem to get in the way of a pleasing solution

Just because you own an AR or an AK doesn’t mean you’re ready to go to war.  There are a few obstacles in your way.

In what seems like delicious produce growing in a backyard garden, more people have added one, two, three…maybe a dozen or so semi-auto “military style” rifles to their gun collection.  Good for them, we can all use the money. But as conditions change it seems proper to insist that gun ownership comes with certain responsibilities that go beyond “Don’t point a gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy,” and all the other epithets that come with unboxing a new firearm.

We’ve all been defending our ownership and use of the AR/AK genre for years now and have had to fight off the anti-gun people instead of spending our time at the gun range or, better yet, some far away ‘can’t do much harm out here’ vacant sagebrush and weeds public land.

We’ve fought our battles and largely won pretty much all of them despite what Pelosi’s Democrats insisted would be gun control Job Number One when they took over the House of Representatives, which they did in 2018. Nothing happened and they dropped the subject like a hot rock.  Or a spent AR-15 casing.

The good and the bad is that armed adult gun owners showed up on the steps of Virginia’s State Capitol last January with those rifles slung over their shoulders to make a point. They did. And one well taken. Then they went home and put away their rifles.

But as confrontations developed in other venues between the lefty Antifa and the righty Proud Bois (not quite sure what that spelling of Boys means) both groups are using their constitutional rights to carry rifles openly even in states where doing so is still illegal.

While there have been scatterings of confrontations between the two groups around the country only now has that permissiveness become what looks like the preamble to a civil war, to which we say, “back off, people” or what you don’t want will quickly outpace what you do want and that’s “surrender.” Neither side – as it appears in places like Seattle, Portland and latest, Kenosha, Wisconsin – won’t get what they want: an armed and possible shooting confrontation. What they will get is, among other distasteful orders from the courts, is the loss of their guns plus some incarceration time. Is that what you really want?

We’re not talking government tyranny here; we’re talking two sides who think they have all the answers that police seemingly don’t.

The latter is doubtlessly because too many wimpy governors and mayors are frightened by the possibility of civil war in their downtown streets, which is the bitterness of what they’ve already tasted when they gave in to the “defund the police” crowd. That resulted in riots, burning down government buildings and torching private businesses, none of which will get the rioters what they wanted in the first place.

Our plea?  Quit acting like backyard cowboys.  Understand your responsibilities as a legal gun owner. That’ll get you more supporters than you’re getting now when, after the fact of an arrest for murder you’re going to begin a whole litany of thoughts in prison about why you did such stupid things in the first place.

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