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COMMENTARY: How the Rising Civil Unrest Made Me Decide to Always Carry a Concealed Weapon

In 2020, the US saw a level of turmoil and civil unrest, which hasn’t been witnessed in decades. In the middle of a devastating global pandemic and severe economic instability, widespread riots made the situation even more unsettling. Rarely has the country seen such a time of growing division between its citizens.

Besides rising unemployment and the virus scare, the overall atmosphere has been permeated with fear and distrust. Accordingly, the need for personal protection has grown. The sales numbers for concealed carry weapons show this, increasing from one month to the next.

Ever since the civil unrest spread to more than 4,000 cities, there has been a rise in violence and crime. Some incidents occur as a part of the riots, while others are opportunistic crimes using the crisis as a pretext.

No matter your stance, the danger is real and present for all citizens who find themselves on the streets at an unfavorable time. More than anything, the riots have shown that our society is not always ready to deal with such extreme situations.

As the possibility of something terrible happening became more inevitable, so did the number of those that felt they needed to ensure their personal safety.

Radical groups, as well as criminal elements, clashed with everyday people and businesses.

All things considered, it’s no surprise that more and more people have turned to a concealed carry weapon to protect themselves. When facing the other way or running isn’t an option, a direct means of protection might be the only viable option left.

There have been many stories about people protecting their business or neighborhood from violent elements intent on rioting and looting. However, there have also been reports of unchecked guns and other violence that might have been avoided.

No one should advocate the brandishing of a weapon to exert some kind of street justice or deal with people with different beliefs.

Means of personal protection should always be exactly that ? a way to keep yourself and those around you safe. It’s easy to start thinking about extreme actions in a volatile situation such as this. But the reality is that violence never solves problems.

If we’ve seen anything in the US of 2020, it’s precisely the opposite.

Personally, I wouldn’t like to be caught in a dangerous situation with nothing more than words and my own two legs as my only means of escape.

The widespread civil unrest has shown me exactly how vulnerable an unprepared person can be. More worryingly, it has also highlighted how a lack of vigilance in any given moment can lead to serious consequences for you and your loved ones.

The causes of the unrest are quite clear. So, too, should be the case for protecting yourself when it’s not certain there’ll be anyone else around to do so.

Author Bio – Brady Kirkpatrick is the owner of GunMade.com. It’s his passion to share his knowledge and expertise with new and existing gun owners. Read more about using guns as self defense here.

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