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Hunt In Secure Comfort With Field & Stream Treestands

PITTSBURGH, PA (Sept. 25, 2018) — Field & Stream, a specialty outdoor retailer and product brand owned and operated by DICK’S Sporting Goods, offers hunters a variety of treestand options designed to provide a safe, secure and enjoyable hunting experience.

The Field & Stream treestands are available at Field & Stream and DICK’S Sporting Goods stores nationwide and at FieldandStreamShop.com and dicks.com

Deluxe 15′ Ladder Stand – Hunters who value comfort and space will appreciate the Field & Stream Deluxe 15′ Ladder Stand. This stand features a flip-up Ergo-Mesh seat for remarkable comfort during those long all-day sits. The non-glare brown sand finish helps ensure concealment throughout the hunt, and the 22-by-17.25-inch platform provides the room needed to line up for the shot. Hunters will also like the flip-up shooting rail that acts as a sturdy shooting rest while firearm hunting.

Field & Stream Deluxe 15′ Ladder Stand

Outpost 2×16′ Ladder Stand with Elite Jaw Truss – Two hunters can enjoy a roomy sit, as well as a safe and easy setup, with the Field & Stream Outpost 2×16′ Ladder Stand With Elite Jaw Truss. The Elite Jaw Truss quickly and simply latches onto the hunter’s tree of choice to ensure a safe and stable connection. The stand is finished in a non-glare brown sand finish for enhanced concealment, and the 45-by-12-inch bench and 44-by-30-inch platform offer ample room for both hunters. A shooting rail provides a stable shooting platform when hunting with a gun, and the steel mesh bench flips up for additional room.

Outpost XL Ladder Stand – The Field & Stream Outpost XL 17′ Ladder Stand tips success in the hunter’s favor by safely providing a bird’s-eye view in a comfortable and secure design. D-Tubes reduce flexing during the climb, while the 300-pound weight capacity enhances safety. The padded shooting rail flips back to offer a clear shot, while the Ergo-Mesh seat folds back to maximize usable platform space. Comfort is enhanced thanks to the integrated backrest. The PE-coated quick clips minimize noise, while the adjustable ladder stabilizing brace provides additional support. This stand includes one color-coded safety harness (green for legs, brown for torso and black for the tree).

Hang-On Treestand – The adaptable Field & Stream Timberline Hang-On Treestand gives the hunter the view he needs to get the job done safely. A flip-up Ergo-Mesh seat provides room to stand, while the four-position platform adjusts for preference. The removable flip-up footrest offers additional comfort and convenience, while the silent bushing system ensures movement won’t draw unwanted attention.

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