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Hunting Adventure VIDEOS

Buck Comes Back After Being Shot By Bow Hunter!! 4:02 min.

This was a good buck we named Loppy, I’ve been planning on shooting him with my bow ever since we had him in velvet.
I felt like hunting him with a gun would be to easy and kill the satisfaction.I plan to hunt him some more with my dad’s new bow. Mine is just too slow. Might get a new bow.

Kidd Nasty 2012 Youth Hunt 3:14 min.

Kidd Nasty does it again, one shot one harvest.The Lord blessed his hunt with a triple beam buck that he will never forget. Thanks to all our friends out there that made this possible.

Little Girls… Craze Kills 1st Buck 5:43min.

Merissa Whitcomb Shoots 1st Deer 10-24-15. I am so proud of you. You have become such a great little archer and hunter and are so fun to hunt with. Keep up the great work in all that you do and always keep JESUS in your HEART at all Times. LOVE DAD 🙂

Hunting with Handguns – Shooting Hogs with .44 Magnum

Couple spot and stalk a group of wild hogs with pistols in south Florida.

Insane 3 Yard Deer Kill! Best Deer Hunting, Bone Collector 2:15 min.

If there has ever been a perfect spot n’ stalk situation, Nick Mundt has found it! Here’s the hunt that resulted in Bone Collector winning the Golden Moose Award for Best Deer Hunting at the 2017 Outdoor Sportsman Awards.

Red Stag Crossbow Hunt 6:42

A red stag hunt in gorgeous New Zealand.

12 Year Old Kohl’s 649 Yard First Buck Freak Out! – Long Range Hunting 6:28 min.

In Montana, Kohl Thomassen shoots his first buck, a Mule Deer, at 649 yards with the Gunwerks LR-1000 6XC

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