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Hunting and Eating at Christmas VIDEOS

December 25 Whitetail Deer Hunting Best Merry Christmas Cold Snow Ever, 3:30 min.

Happy Birthday Jesus Thank you … You’ve Given Me Everything!!!

Duck Hunting in Oregon, December 23rd, 1:49 min.

A morning hunt in Western Oregon just before Christmas.

Christmas Geese- A Goose Hunting Short, 1:00 min.

The other day we got out for a goose hunt. In the spirit of the holidays we thought we’d put together a christmas “themed” waterfowl hunting short.

Colorado Late Season Pheasant Hunt, 2:13 min.

Hunting on a snowy Rocky Mountain day at the Cottonwood Hunt Club

Venison Haunch Roast – For your perfect CHRISTMAS DINNER, 3:25 min.

Christmas dinner was never like this at Grandma’s house.

Duck Breast with Gooseberry Sauce – Gordon Ramsay, 2:36 min.

This is an aromatic dish fusing together Chinese flavours with a red wine and gooseberry sauce – rich and very rewarding.

The Christmas Hunt, 2:09 min.

It’s not every day when you can hit the woods with the guarantee of bringing home a trophy.

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