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Hunting by Horseback VIDEOS

Big Game Hunting Orientation, 11:43 min.

Big Game Hunting at the Flying B Ranch! This orientation video gives our guests an introduction to our ranch and what to expect when the get here.

The Proper Way to Cinch a Saddle, 3:28 min.

This video talks about cinching but a lot of the topics are also covered in the How to Western Saddle a Horse video.

How to Carry Your Rifle on Horseback, 2:22 min.

Carrying your rifle when hunting or traveling on horseback can be challenging.

Tips for Hunting with Horses, 9:22 min.

Every year thousands of hunters head west to chase elk in the mountains, and many of them will be hunting with horses.In this episode of Backcountry College we’ll go over some important things to keep in mind if you’re new to being around horses.

Packing for a Wilderness Horse or Mule Pack-In Hunt, 16:46 min.

fter a humorous intro, we go over how a hunter should think about packing for a wilderness mule deer or elk hunt that will utilize horse and mules as pack stock. It’s very difficult for hunters to understand the limitations and capabilities of pack stock without seeing the entire process.This video shows it all!

Packing Elk Out of The Wilderness, 6:08 min.

We go over how the team at Flat Tops Wilderness Guides FTGuides.com packs out elk in the wilderness area using horses and mules. We cover the basic setup, hitches, things to watch for, etc. This video features professional wilderness guide, Cliff Gray.

Tommie Turvey and Pokerjoe!, 9:48 min.

“The Riding Instructor”

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