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Hunting with Friends and Family VIDEOS

My Son’s First Hunt, 6:15 min.

The hunt I have waited for since I was a kid. The chance to share my passion, knowledge and time with my son just like my dad was able to do with me….

Rae’s 8 Point / First Deer – Bottomland Outdoors, 5:23 min.

So Rae and I woke up at 4 am and drove to my hunting land December 10th in pursuit of her first deer. While it was 28 degrees she toughed it out and got her first deer/buck!

Why more women are hunting in Indiana, 3:17 min.

For food, For friends, for family.

“Why I Hunt” Interview with Hannah Barron about girls/women hunting, 3:51 min.

We are excited to present the newest member of the Total Outdoor Programming team, Hannah Barron! While filming out in northwestern Missouri at Bluestem outfitters, we were able to talk to Hannah about why she hunts! Women of a variety of ages make up the fastest growing portion of hunters today!

Families in the Field, 22:04 min.

Relive memories of hunting with your dad as Rolling Bones host Brian Mehmen and his youngest son Lucas join hunting friend Jim Bringhurst and his son Caden to build the bonds of family while hunting for whitetail in western South Dakota.

Zapata Hunting Pals, 2:48 min.

Close friends hunting together in Zapata County, Texas.

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