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Hunting Lynx and Showshoe Hare VIDEOS

Epic Hunting Chase of the Canadian Lynx and Snowshoe Hare, 2:53 min.

One of nature’s greatest moments comes to life between 2 animals living in a snow covered terrain, it’s the Epic life or death chase of the Canadian Lynx and the Snowshoe Hare. Epic does not get better than this.

Alaskan LYNX Family out hunting Snowshoe Hares, 1:22 min.

Out on a road trip this day (Oct.30) and spotted a lynx coming out of the woods and then sat down in the road. Very strange behavior in light of my truck just 100 yards up the road from her. She seemed to be preoccupied and not concerned with my presence. Then the surprise. Always a great day in the Great Land when you have an experience like this. (Sorry for the jiggles – had to shoot through the windshield on top of the steering wheel to capture the moment.

Maine Guided Snowshoe Hare Hunting Dec 28, 2018, 1:30 min.

Hunt East Kennels running Snowshoe Hare in a fresh snowfall.

Hunting Rabbits\ Snowshoe Hare, 3:30 min.

Just a fun few hours out with my kids hunting rabbits or well snowshoe hares. They are really big in this area we hunted with a lot of tasty meat.

BeaglesTracking Snowshoe Hare in northern Pennsylvania, 1:14 min.

Daisy and Violet are in hot pursuit at a remote undisclosed hunting spot in the Allegheny NF. The lack of snow makes for a stark contrast!

Snowshoe hare hunting with beagles (Briar Run Guide Service) DEEP SNOW, 2:32 min.

Sometimes even the dogs need skis.

Snowshoe Hare Hunting with outbackoutfitter.com, 3:06 min.

This is some great and rare footage of 2 different snowshoe hare hunts with Outback Outfitters Guiding Service. If you watch closely you can see the hares in both videos, but they are very quick and hard to see. However that is the story behind snowshoe hare hunting in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State!

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