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Hunting for Sheds VIDEOS

Mule deer buck with droptine shedding antlers on film! 1:04 min.

Little to no audio but just as interesting without sound.

Iowa Shed Hunting 2017 | 180 3/8″ Set 4:24 min.

Here is a little video of me shed hunting in Iowa over spring break! The set scored 180 3/8″!

March 2017 Shed Hunting in Ohio 2:49 min.

Shed hunting at the ranch in March.

Shed Hunting With Dogs 7:43 min.

Chad joins the Lucas’s and their two pups to search for whitetail sheds in Shelby County, Kentucky. Tag along to learn more about finding antlers with or without the help of dogs.

Utah Shed Opener! 12:28 min.

After about 6 weeks of restless waiting, we were able to hit the hills! We have a few target bucks we are after and the anticipation is insane!

Shed hunting 2017 BIG FINDS 7:29 min.

Elk and moose sheds.

Jackson Hole Shed Hunt 2017 12:46 min.

May 1st Jackson Hole Antler Race.

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