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Hunting with Dogs VIDEOS

Pheasant Hunting with German Shorthaired Pointer 3:07 min.

Some dogs will even let hunters come along, too.

Kansas Pheasant Hunt 4:51 min.

Quail Quest Pheasant Hunting in Hunter Kansas with Hunting Retriever Champion Golden Retriever Wasatch’s Resolute Cassie and chocolate lab Sage

Awesome Black Lab Duck Hunting – Tribute 6:12 min.

This is a tribute video for my black lab Deuce who recently passed. He was a great duck hunting dog and here are a few live action clips i put together of him.

The Life of a Family Hunting Dog 3:10 min.

A hunting dog is more than a tool to hunt. In my family, we hunt hard, we play hard, and we snuggle on the couch at the end of a long day. This is the tribute to Keiko, my first “child’ and best friend. My boy, my friend, my hound, and memories I’ll not forget.

Field Training: Pudelpointers The Poodle Pointer Cross 6:14 min.

The Pudel Pointer is a versatile hunting dog, that retrieves and points small game. The Pudel Pointer is an excellent Upland Bird retriever.

A Man, His Dog, and a Duck Hunting Hole – Fowled Reality 9:59 min.

There is a special bond in duck hunting between a man and his dog. That bond goes far beyond just the time spent on a duck hunt. They become best friends and part of the family. All of this and more rings true between Tony, Gator, and the whole Daniels’ family because of one day at the “H.A.H”. See Tony tell the story on a weekend mallard hunt with friends in the hole in which it all took place.

Undivided // Ducks N’ Dogs 11:33 min.

Arkansas is known as the duck hunting capital of the world. The Undivided crew finds some Arkansas natives who live, eat, and breathe waterfowl hunting, and learn a thing or two along the way.

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