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Hunting with Dogs VIDEOS

Dog Training & Bird Hunting, 8:00 min.

Professional dog trainer Bev Millheim offers some sage advice for dog owners that are getting their young dog ready for its first hunting season. Tough the tips are focused on retrievers the substance can be applied to any breed. If Fido will see it on opening day he should see it first in training.Good luck on your first hunt! To learn more about Renegade Retrievers visit their website http://www.renegaderetrievers.com.

Starting To Get Ready For The Duck Hunting Season, 4:06 min.

Duck hunting season is coming. Need to get brush up on the dogs commands and get him back in shape. We work on some casting drills.

Retriever Training Tips to Keep Your Dog in Top Shape, 8:46 min.

D.T. Systems Pro-Trainer Dan Ihrke shows how to keep your dog in top mental and physical shape in the offseason.

MO Basics- Gun steady dog, 6:15 min.

We team up with John Flink of Monday Lake Kennels to teach you how to gun steady your dog. John has a unique built system we will show you how to build to get your dog ready for this upcoming waterfowl season.

Adding Realism To Hunting Dog Training, 6:00 min.

How to train a dog to be a hunting retriever needs realism … and a lot of it. In this hunting dog training video you’ll see multiple ideas that prepare your hunting retriever in the preseason dog training context.

Upland Bird Dog Training | Scent Drags, 13:47 min.

This is one of multiple videos in my Upland Dog Training Series. This Episode focuses on training your bird dog to follow a Scent Trail.
This can be a great way to begin teaching your dog to use his nose to find birds. It is also a great way to build on a dogs natural tracking and retrieving ability.

YETI Presents: SAM, 9:12 min.

Duck hunting dogs are hardworking and obedient. But Sam likes to work on her own terms.

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