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IA – HUNTING – Duck hunting season has begun

The duck hunting season has begun across the state of Iowa and the Iowa DNR has some tips as to what the season could look like. Matt Dollison of the Iowa Department of Natural resources explained in our Outdoors in KMAland segment on AM in the AM about the duck hunting season. Dollison first discussed how the teal season went for hunters across the state. “It was actually one of our best teal seasons that we’ve had since that started. We saw pretty great success right away on the opener and then into that first weekend there were a lot of birds around and I heard a lot of shooting,” Dollison said. A big factor in determining the success of a duck hunting season is by looking at the water level. Dollison describes how the state is a little behind. “It’s coming up so slow because the waterbeds were so dry to start. We had to idle the waterpump down to 10 percent of what we normally do just to keep enough water in the pump and keep it lubricated. This is because the river on both the east and west Nish are so low right now,” Dollison said. Even despite some low water levels for the remainder of the season Dollison said right now it’s off to a great start.

“Right now there is good water for ducks and pretty good water for smaller vessels and mud motors. The big boats with the outboards will be able to use the channels and tracts,” Dollison said.  [full article]

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