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IA – LE – ‘I remember everything’: Shot in ambush Davenport officer says holstered gun saved him

The sensation of a hot poker going through his leg told Davenport Police Sgt. Scott Lansing he’d been hit. It wasn’t until he got to the emergency room and began to undress that he realized how close he’d come to taking more than one bullet. “I was handing over my holster and gun, and they saw my holster,” Lansing said. “The bullet hit the holster, then the metal slide on my Glock. I didn’t know I got hit there. “My gun potentially saved my life. When they don’t need it (the weapon) for evidence, I’ll probably put it in a shadow box. “Luckily, I didn’t even get a bruise there. The gun stopped it.” There were more surprises. The early morning of June 1 was like no other in Davenport. Violent rioters unleashed themselves on the streets, seemingly empowered by the anti-police brutality movement that erupted days earlier over the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The night of May 31 brought mayhem that graduated to chaos as the night wore on.

“I got a text or two from guys already working, saying it was getting a little dicey, a little hectic,” Lansing said. “Everyone got called in that evening. “I got in about 10 p.m., and Lt. (Greg) Behning and I made assignments.” Then, they hit the streets. Lansing, 43, drove his police-issue Ford F-150 with Behning in the front passenger seat and Detective Pat Sievert in a back seat of the cab. There was no shortage of calls to handle, and they were on the lookout for suspects who’d been doing burglaries, thefts, even shootings. At about 3 a.m., the trio spotted a vehicle turning into the alley between 14th and 15th streets, near Myrtle Street. Lansing followed. That’s when all hell broke loose.  [full article]

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