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IA – SHOOTING SPORTS – Warrior trap shooting team thrives

The Alta-Aurelia Trap Shooting Team began its season on Monday with the first classroom session for new athlete training where a new crop of young shooters in middle and high school met to learn the sport. This is the 9th year that Head Coach Mike Bartholomew and his wife, Kelli, have led the team. “We started our first year with just five high school kids. The second year we grew to 19 high school kids,” Mike said. The third year they expanded the program to younger kids and the team grew to 32. “Our sport has continued to thrive because anyone can participate.”

Between 20-25 Alta-Aurelia middle school and high school students are expected to be on this year’s team, similar to recent turnouts. There are no tryouts – all students are welcome, resulting in a wide range of skill levels. There is no particular type of student who joins. “It runs the gamut,” Kelli said, with Mike adding that some new members have a fair amount of experience with firearms but many have never fired a gun prior to trying the sport.  [full article]

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